Shane Bitney Crone

Activist and filmmaker, Shane Bitney Crone was thrust in the spotlight when his video It Could Happen To You went viral on YouTube. I acted as Shane's online media and brand manager, created visual content for his fan page and coordinated branding as his following grew by the thousands. His internet presence captured the attention of Emmy Nominated writer and director, Linda Bloodworth Thomason who teamed up with Shane to make a feature length documentary Bridegroom. The film went on to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, where it was introduced by Bill Clinton and won the audience award.
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All Out: #ManifPourlÉgalité

All Out is a global non-profit aimed at changing world views on human rights issues concerning LGBT issues. Since the goal is to get followers to share the image on Facebook, I designed this image to be eye catching and easy to read and understand.
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All Out: Free Roger

What if you could go to jail for sending that special someone a Valentine’s Day message? Roger has a 3-year sentence in Cameroon for telling another man “I’m very much in love w/u.” This V-Day, tell the President of Cameroon to free him and legalize love. SIGN and SHARE:
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